We want Parashout to be a safe platform for everyone therefore we have to prepare for some issues. We use phone number verification to easily identify the user who violates our posting policies (If you did not read it yet, it’s probably time to read it here…) with harmful content, nudity or bully posts.

As we have the device registered, we can act with more impact (We can deactivate the account for 1 week or 1 month or we can ban the phone number from our database if needed). We need your phone number just for this reason and no other. We will not show your phone number to anyone!

But what does it mean to keep a newsfeed safe?

Your feed won't contain nudity

Any nudity spotted in shoutouts will be removed immediately.  We will use a custom algorithm to spot and remove nude pictures from our database, and most of the time it works perfectly but if not, and you recieve any kind of offending content, please report it to us.

We wont be a platform for bullying

We’ve learned from the failure of yik yak’s, and we will not support any bullying.  We will act really quick if we recieve any reports on a post being harmful or inappropriate, and we are constantly updating our algorithms to filter out spiteful content more efficiently. As mentioned above, we won’t let non-verified users post public shoutouts. If you experience bullying towards you, you can hide messages, block the user and report the content to us, and we will take care of the issue.

How to mute users, and how to hide content?

What can you do if you don’t want to see content from a particular user? You can mute users for a period of time, or you can hide posts from your feed if you find it non-interesting or harmful. Every shoutout card has an option tab to act if needed.