Text based variables

Titling your shoutout

Your shoutout’s title is what will appear on the discovery map for others, so we recommend you to name it properly. You can use up to 50 characters in your shoutout title. By default, your shoutout’s title is ‘shoutout created by @your username’.

The message section

You are not limited by any character numbers on filling this field up. This is the only field required to drop a shoutout. (You can also insert a GIF or a link or a picture here)

Setting up topics

Use hashtags to help others search between topics, you can make a buzzing topic around you. In Parashout we consider hashtags as keywords so in order to keep them relevant to the content, we allow maximum 6 tags per shoutout.

Your audience


Public shoutouts can be seen by everyone on the location you’ve set it up. You can use public shoutouts to get to know people around you.

Followers or friends

If you want to send your message only to the people you know somehow, you can set your shoutout’s audience to your followers, or if you want it to be seen only for people who you followed back, you can set it to your friends.

Custom audience

Set up a custom audience such as send your shoutout directly to someone, or you can use your created lists as an audience. Please note that, if you select different people, your shoutout will be duplicated when you drop it.


Show on map

If you set select ‘show on map’, then your shoutout will appear on the discovery map of the people you addressed your shoutout to.

Hide from map

This is a super powerful feature… Select this, if you want to surprise your audience. Users will only get notified of your shoutout on delivery if you select your shoutout to be hidden from the map.


Attaching a photo

Parashout supports any photo upload. Your photo will appear in it’s full size when the picture is tapped on in the shoutout, however, to keep your feed clean and nice, we crop it when we show your picture on the shoutout cards. This applies to GIF as well.

Attaching a link

If you don’t want an ugly link text to appear in your shoutout, then attach it to your shoutout and Parashout will generate a fancy link preview out of it!

Location based customizables

Shoutout’s location

You can place your shoutout literally anywhere. Choose as you wish!

Shoutout radius

You can choose from four different sizes:

– Block
– Campus
– District
– City

Remember: Your location based message will generate a location based notification. That's something really new!


There are plenty of things you can customize while creating a shoutout, however you can always drop it in no time. If you come up with a setting that fits your needs, you can always change the default shoutout settings in the app settings tab, so you don’t have to set it up with every single post you create.