Don’t worry, – unlike other social media platforms – we don’t track- or tell others where you are…We created Parashout so you will get more familiar with your surroundings. A local feed is a feature quite unique as it is now: it contains information posted only to your actual location.

What kind of shoutouts will appear on your local feed?

Public shoutouts

You get these posts because you are on the location where these posts were dropped. You don’t necessarily know the person who wrote it. As usual on any social media platform, you will always be able to follow the creator (or if you find the post anomalous, you can block/hide/mute the user, or report the shoutout.)

Shoutouts addressed to you

You are the audience of the shoutout because you follow the creator, or you’re on a list of the creator, or someone sent this shoutout directly to you.

Shoutouts you created

Your shoutouts will stay on that location and will appear not only on other’s local feed but in yours too. By default, your post’s location is your actual location whenyou create the shoutout. (This can be changed though).

Does anything else than your local feed needs location data while using?

The short answer is yes. Location data is essential to use Parashout at it’s full scale, but you will be able to do several activities without locations on:

Your custom feed is always accessable

Shoutouts you’ve already collected and interacted with will always remain in your custom feed. You will reach it whether the app accesses your location data or not.

You can chat (whisper) with other users

Our whispering feature does not need any specific location data, so you can chat directly from parashout anytime.

You can create a list and search for stuff

You can prepare your audience lists, or find your friends without any location data, so most of the ordering/searching features will be available anytime...

But that’s all.

With locations on you will reach every other feature such as discover mode (to power-find shoutouts around you), you will access the local feed (mentioned above), and you will get push notifications at the time you pass a shoutout addressed to you.  

But why don’t we track you?

It became a common thing that social media platforms are selling your data to third parties, to help their advertising strategies. — This is something we won't do.

At Parashout, we think about our user’s personal data differently. We don’t really store any personal information about you (just the ones that the GDPR law told us to.) We care about the trending locations and topics, and that’s the base of our business model.